The purpose of the Borderlands Project is to help people see the richness of the borderlands region and the deep impact of the wall. Multimedia has been an important component in the project.  In addition to these short videos, I worked with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the International League of Conservation Photographers to create a longer documentary on the borderlands region. You can see that film on the Borderlands RAVE site.



“The border wall is the largest human construction to separate two countries, in fact a whole continent, since the Great Wall of China.”

Rurik List, Professor of Biological Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico


This short film gives an overview of the impact of the wall on wildlife and people in the borderlands region. 2008

This short video focuses on the impact of the wall on wildlife in South Texas. 2008

This multimedia was a response to the 20th anniversary celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 2009.

This video was a joint production with the staff of Defenders Magazine, to accompany an article we created on the impacts of the border wall on wildlife. 2009

See more borderlands multimedia video:          Continental Divide

This video was a broadcast by Arizona Public Media and shows some of the photos from the Borderlands Project. 2011